Looking to create meaningful holiday traditions with your children? The Hindu on the Bindu helps you to establish your own customs while remembering the past traditions that shaped your family and childhood.

  • Awaken your imagination through storytelling and inspire that same spirit of creativity within your children.
  • Share your own childhood memories of Diwali, culture, and faith.
  • Listen as your children unlock the power of their imagination and create powerful memories that they can pass on to their own children.
  • Invite grandparents, aunts, and uncles to take part in shaping your child’s holiday memories and strengthen the bonds within your extended family.
  • See how the Hindu on the Bindu brings generations together to create long lasting memories.


Do you wish there was a way to awaken the traditions of the past while bonding with your grandchildren? The Hindu on the Bindu experience helps to bridge the gap between the traditional views of the older generations and the more progressive culture of Indian youth.

  • Connect with your grandchildren while engaging your own inner child.
  • Make family memories that will live on forever in the hearts of your loved ones.
  • Come together for a multi-generational storytelling adventure that’s fun for the whole family!
  • Inspire younger generations to embrace the culture and customs of their ancestors.
  • Spend quality time and sacred moments with those who mean the most to you.


Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite niece or nephew? Hindu on the Bindu is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Year after year, generation after generation, this gift will delight your entire family while connecting you all in the spirit of Diwali.

  • Give a unique gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.
  • Enrich the life of your niece/nephew with a meaningful token- a symbol of family, culture, and tradition.
  • Unite as an extended family while strengthening your bond and making lasting memories.
  • Share your own stories and relive your most carefree childhood days.
  • Enjoy seeing the youngest and oldest members of your family connect while awakening old traditions and making new ones together.